Effik Group
A pharmaceutical group
dedicated to Gynaecology

Group History

1992 - 1993 : Creation of EFFIK by a group of entrepreneurs


1992 Defining an ambition

Dedicating a Pharmaceutical Company to gynaecology with a European orientation

To accompany gynaecologists in their daily practice

1993 Opening of EFFIK France

1994 - 2001 : First Steps, first successes

1994 Creation of the Company in France
1995 Operational launch

Creation of the 1st sales force dedicated to gynaecologists

1996 Opening of EFFIK Spain
1999 Stockmarket entry
2001 Opening of EFFIK Italy

2002 - 2012 : Change of scale

2002 Launch of Holgyeme® in France

1st branded generic for the gynaecologist

2004 New resources

Creation of the 2nd sales force in France
New industrial investors
Extension of geographic coverage with Chemo and Italfarmaco :
Internationalisation, licensing opportunities

2005 Opening of EFFIK Portugal
2006 Opening of EFFIK Switzerland
2011 Opening of EFFIK Benelux

2014 Opening of EFFIK International


Effik group sales growth



  • A sustained and continuous growth
  • Sales raised by more than four-fold over the time period